The Autonomous Fabric: On Self-organization and Education

Sunday, 19th November 2017
4pm, at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Ngadinegaran MJ3/100, Mantrijeron

KUNCI would like to invite you to join the discussion which entitled The Autonomous Fabric: Self-organization and Education. The Autonomous Fabric is a research project that focuses on self-organisation and education. It is initiated by the Willem de Kooning Academy for fine arts and Design in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Autonomous Fabric researches on how self-organized activist and artistic practices, engage with the city, other disciplines and each other. Self-organized initiatives often work on a small, local scale, but together they form an informal network that can span through the entire city. This ‘fabric’ is ever changing, growing and developing.

In this discussion, we would like to discuss in what ways do self-organized practices find new forms to manifest themselves and what visions to shape society do they present. How we maintain an autonomous position, in a complex playing field of different forces? How can an art school connect itself to this fabric of autonomous makers in the city in a structural way?

This discussion will be accompanied by Simon Kentgens, Eva Olthof and members from School of Improper Education. Simon Kentgens (NL) is head of the Autonomous Practices department at the Willem the Kooning Academy and an artist living and working in Rotterdam. Eva Olthof (NL) co-organised The Autonomous Fabric symposium in February 2017, she is an artist living and working in Rotterdam.