Megamix Militia : Pemutaran Film dan Diskusi


Jadwal Acara:
Jum’at 11 September 2009
Film: Good Copy Bad Copy
Sabtu 12 September 2009
Film: RIP: A Remix Manifesto
Sosialisasi Project: Megamix Militia
Diskusi bersama Nuraini Juliastuti
Waktu: 16.00 WIB – Selesai
Tempat: Gayam 16
Tentang Film
Good Copy Bad Copy, A documentary about the current state of copyright and culture, is a documentary about copyright and culture in the context of Internet, peer-to-peer file sharing and other technological advances. Directed by Andreas Johnsen, Ralf Christensen, and Henrik Moltke.

Artists interviewed include Girl Talk and DJ Danger Mouse. The interviews with artists reveal an emerging understanding of digital works and the obstacle to their authoring copyright presents.

The interviews featured in Good Copy Bad Copy acknowledge a recent shift towards user-generated content, mashup music and video culture. The documentary opens with explaining the current legal situation concerning sampling, licensing and copyright.

Immerse yourself in the energetic, innovative and potentially illegal world of mash-up media with RiP: A remix manifesto. Let web activist Brett Gaylor and musician Greg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, serve as your digital tour guides on a probing investigation into how culture builds upon culture in the information age.

Biomedical engineer turned live-performance sensation Girl Talk, has received immense commercial and critical success for his mind-blowing sample-based music. Utilizing technical expertise and a ferocious creative streak, Girl Talk repositions popular music to create a wild and edgy dialogue between artists from all genres and eras. But are his practices legal? Do his methods of frenetic appropriation embrace collaboration in its purest sense? Or are they infractions of creative integrity and violations of copyright?

Acara ini diselenggarakan oleh KUNCI Cultural Studies Center bekerjasama dengan XEROXED, SOUNDBOUTIQUE dan GAYAM 16

Acara ini merupakan bagian dari MEGAMIX MILITA Project yang diselenggarakan oleh KUNCI Cultural Studies Center.