Decision for an Adequate Distance: Film Screenings and Discussion with Zulhiczar Arie, Franz von Bodelschwingh, Emanuel Mathias

Decision for an Adequate Distance, 2015,(Detail Filmstill)
Decision for an Adequate Distance, 2015,(Detail Filmstill)

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Address: Jl. Ngadinegaran MJ3/100, Yogyakarta
Time: Friday, 30 January 2014 from 8 PM-end

KUNCI invites you to film screenings and discussion with
Zulhiczar Arie (Yogyakarta,Indonesia), Franz von Bodelschwingh (Istanbul, Turkey) and Emanuel Mathias (Leipzig, Germany), who share common interests in filmic realities between documentary and fiction. The artists will show some excerpts of their other work and in addition to that an exclusive inside view of the running collaboration. For the last 3 weeks they worked on the ongoing project „Decision for an adequate distance“ that follows scientists of the Swiss-German-Indonesian cooperation, the „Researchers’ Affect“ . The idea is to observe the observer in an multi perspective filmic view.

The collaborative project is supported by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Germany (IFA) & Goethe Institute Jakarta.