Conversation across Commons


Conversation Across Commons
16th March – 18th March 2015
at Jogja National Museum
Jl. Amri Yahya No. 1, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


“Common is the adequate word for the properness of being, if being means ontologically being ‘in common’.” – Jean Luc Nancy, 2009

You are invited to a three-days symposium “Conversation Across Commons” organized by KUNCI Cultural Studies Center in conjunction with Made in Commons: Indonesian Iteration. 

This event considers commons as political instances that touch on perennial dialogues and existential debates: on what does it mean to do things together, what can we do with things we have in common and ultimately what relationships matter in the proper becoming of, to tweak Nancy’s above quotation,  “in commons”.

In Conversation Across Commons, artists, academics and activists alike are invited to critically reflect upon notions of commons and commonings as a double preoccupation in directly exercising theory into action and teasing out insights from the urgency of practices.

This gathering involves presentations and lectures by contributors from different fields of disciplines, such as Kathryn Milun (US), Ignatius Haryanto (ID), Stefano Harney (SG), Amalinda Savirani (ID), Elanto Wijoyono (ID), Syafiatudina (ID), Elisa Sutanudjaja (ID), Marina Vishmidt (UK) and many more.

Supported by ArtsCollaboratory

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To attend the symposium it is necessary to book your place. Seats are limited for 30 persons.

The event will be conducted in English and Indonesian. Simultaneous translator device will be provided with limited availability.

Contact person:
Brigitta Isabella – [email protected]m