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Kathryn Milun – Commons: Non-modern Arts of Governing in a Modern World

In this talk I will lay out an argument for why I believe commons have become an important historical reality, re-emerging as a multi-faceted political, legal, economic and ecological strategy and framework in our current era where the modern institutions enabling global, industrial capitalism have brought us to a tipping point of planetary climate disaster and expansive social inequality.

Marina Vishmidt – The Manifestation of the Discourse of the Commons in the Field of Art

Today I will be developing a few of the themes from a text I wrote some months ago on the manifestation of the discourse of the commons in the field of art, especially ‘commons’ as a concept, ethic or tool to revise organisational strategies and critical practices that would define themselves in proximity to social engagement or community work.

Movement x Tendency, Ways of Moving within the Community

Sunday, 24 August 2014, 3.30 pm at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center Jalan Ngadinegaran MJ 3/100, Yogyakarta (scroll for description in Bahasa Indonesia) KUNCI invites you to join an open discussion on the aspects…

Community, Land and The Rights of Housing: A Talk with Dieneke Jansen

Wednesday, 2 July 2014, 2 pm-end at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center Ngadinegaran MJ3/100, Yogyakarta (geser ke bawah untuk teks versi Bahasa Indonesia) KUNCI invites you to a talk with Dieneke Jansen whose practice…

Made in Commons: Exhibition and Other Activities

(Biography of Authenticity: The Artist Signature, Wok The Rock, 2013) in Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam November 30, 2013, through January 26, 2014 Artists in the exhibition Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina, Maja Bekan,…

Talk in Commons

This year, KUNCI and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam are working together in a collaborative project entitled “Made in Commons”. The collaboration involves artists based in Indonesia and The Netherlands. Broadly speaking, “Made in Commons” aims at exploring the productive aspects of commons in local cultural spheres, while investigating the historical and transnational relations that inform and shape commons-based practices in knowledge production, through several case studies.

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