Tagore and Asia: A talk with Dr. Partha Chatterjee

Etnohistori, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, and Sangam House invites you to a talk on “Tagore and Asia” by Dr. Partha Chatterjee.

Sunday, 1 April 2012, 4 PM
at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Jalan Langenarjan Lor 17B, Panembahan, Kraton
*Free of admission and Open for Public

Dr. Partha Chatterjee, Ph.D. a noted Indian – Bengali author with over 100 books to his credit started off his professional career as a journalist in 1959. After having served a famous news weekly and three eminent dailies in different capacities like sub-editor, special correspondent and editor for over 32 years he joined full time University teaching. He became Professor Head and Dean of one of the India’s Central Government universities in Assam and retired in 2001.

After his retirement Dr. Chatterjee devotes full time of authorship of books. He provides motivation and re-education to children and youths through lectures and workshops throughout the country. He has written short stories, novels, plays and essays. He now writes motivational books for the children and youths for which he has got wide readership in India and Bangladesh. Most of his books and writings have been translated in other Indian languages.

Dr. Chatterjee was honored as a Writer and Journalist in India and abroad. The Mayor of Piuria, USA conferred on him Honorary Citizenship in 1994. Government of India awarded him Senior Literature Fellowship in 2007. He was recipient of two prestigious International Fellowship as Commonwealth Press Fellowship 1960, Jefferson Fellowship, 1974 (East West Centre Hawaii, USA). He is likely to get confirmation of another national Fellowship within a month.
At 73, he is alive and kicking and bringing out two and three books every year. In 2012, he has published three books one on travel, another a political book on leadership and the last one is a self help book.

He has toured 35 countries in the world. When he was a journalist he traveled with Ms. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi in the U.N. and SAARC Conference. He has authored books on his experiences in Europe, Central Asia and China. His recent Indonesian tour will complete his Asian Sojourn which once started from Centra Asia.
Dr. Chatterjee’s visit to Indonesia will be utilized in studying in Indonesia’s Past and Present and giving two or three lectures on Tagore and Vivekananda for local audience, sponsored by the Nehru – India Cultural Centre. Once he gave ICSSR sponsored lectures at the university of Melbourne and Canberra, Australia and at the University of Madison, USA.